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HEART UK Virtual Lipid Update 2020


Session 1



HEART UK Statement of Care: Hyperlipidaemia and COVID-19

Dr Handrean Soran

View all HEART UK Statements of Care in full




Emerging cholesterol-lowering therapies

Professor Kausik Ray




Managing homozygous FH: HEART UK's statement and updates

Dr Michael France




Managing homozygous FH: new therapies and future prospects

Dr Jeanine Roeters van Lennep




Heterozygous FH: current status and how to provide enhanced and integrated care

Professor Gerald Watts


Session 2



FCS: natural history and genetics

Dr Paul Downie




FCS: management

Professor Eric Bruckert



Child-Parent screening: maximising the prevention opportunity in FH

Professor David Wald

(NB - presentation only. Joint Q&A with Prof Gary Ford appears separately)



The AHSN National AAC/AHSN Lipid Management and FH programme

Professor Gary Ford

(NB - presentation only. Joint Q&A with Prof David Wald appears separately)




Joint Q&A

Professor David Wald & Professor Gary Ford