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The Lipid Interest Group

The Lipid Interest Group is a shared learning group, open to all nurses and allied health professionals with an interest in lipids

The group provides opportunities to: 

  • educate health professionals and patients on all things related to lipids
  • network with and support those working in lipids
  • share and receive up-to-date research and information on lipid problems and their treatments
  • identify new and current lipid clinics in the UK and the health professionals involved with them
  • get information on upcoming conferences, meetings and study days.

A main benefit to the group is the ‘round robins’. These are circulated every two months and include articles, recent research, case studies and any information related to raised lipids and their treatment which would be of interest to the members. 

We welcome all members of the group to contribute. 

Contact Tina Dawson to register or find out more