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It cost £58.66 to provide vital helpline support to Gurcharan by our lipid specialist nurse

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Beth's story

High cholesterol stole my Dad from us when he was age 34 and by all accounts made him feel very unwell during his life. We will never know how much he suffered but we know he had many mini heart attacks as there was so much scarring on his heart. I can’t put into words how the loss of my Dad has affected us all.

My cholesterol was picked up when I was age 7 because of severe migraines. My cholesterol was 11 then. My Sister was also checked and she had slightly raised cholesterol. By age 30, no amount of dieting or exercise seemed to lower my cholesterol. HEART UK’s helpline advised me to ask my GP for a referral which I did and then I went on statins. The rest is history. Getting a genetic confirmation helped my family accept that there was a real problem that could be helped with medication.

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Gurcharan's story

Gurcharan, 44, married with a 9-year-old daughter, had a busy job as an assistant store manager of a large supermarket.  He had an active lifestyle - walking to work every day, running once a week, eating a good diet, didn’t smoke and was not overweight. How could someone so young and so healthy have heart disease?

Gurcharan had been experiencing chest pain on and off for a while but it was put it down to stress and anxiety. His doctor organized a routine scan.  Six weeks later and four days before the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK, Gurcharan got a call from his cardiologist as his scan results had come through. “I had a blockage in my left artery, and I was asked to make an urgent appointment to see him the next day, I nearly fainted with the shock”, says Gurcharan.

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Rianna Wingett's heart stopped beating on the eve of her 12th birthday. Despite all efforts, Rianna died.

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Rianna's story